Your Health

We practice integrative internal medicine, which focuses on nutritional and environmental influences on health, and modification of lifestyle to help prevent disease. Natural treatments, nutrition, and high-quality supplements are cornerstones of our approach to health enhancement and chronic disease management.

We See All Age Adults to Support Their:

  • Current Health
  • Nutritional Status
  • Environmental Toxin Exposures
  • Disease Conditions
  • Medication Management

Nutritional Assessment and Guidance

Research has shown that people vary in their nutritional needs, ability to metabolize or detoxify drugs, chemicals, or hormones, and risk for certain diseases. We counsel our patients in all matters of nutrition and offer healing solutions.

The Downing Clinic is passionate about the role of nutrition in improving health. Various lab and other clinical tests, including Electrodermal Screening (EDS), essential metabolic vitamin and mineral testing, and food sensitivity testing are performed to determine individualized approaches to each patient’s health care. Dr. Kovalcik and our Electrodermal Screening Specialist, Ann Heusted, RN, provide nutritional consulting.