Arthritis and Joint Pain

While these conditions often cannot be reversed, some patients respond to herbal, nutritional, and occasional antibiotic therapy.

We also have excellent body work specialist on staff to help with treatments for the following conditions:

  • Dr. Cristache specializes in 5 Element Acupuncture which associates characteristics from each of the five natural elements of wood, water, fire, air and earth with a season, weather, color, personality and body type, and symptoms/disease state. This analysis is then used to identify physiology and pathology within the body and identify areas for treatment.

    Dr. Cristache treats patients with a more holistic approach, including initial consultation and assessment, leading to the design of an individualized and integral plan to address not only the body, but the mind and spirit as well.

    Areas of expertise include pain management, emotional issues (anxiety, depression, etc.), headaches, smoking cessation, addiction issues, reproduction and fertility issues (for both men and women), digestive issues (GERD, GI issues, etc.), and lung issues (asthma and allergies, etc.).