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Office Patient Info

Save these forms to your computer. You may also print these forms and fill them out by hand.

  • If your appointment is within a few days, email these forms to or print and personally bring them with you. 

If your appointment is further out, you may still email, mail, or print and bring them with you. If you email, please make sure that you title the subject with (Important Patient Forms for Visit.)

NOTE: The is an email for The Downing Clinic Patients use only. Unsolicited emails will be deleted.



Things you
should Know

These links contain additional information about our practice and may be read prior to your visit.

For your first physician visit, Dr. Kovalcik typically spends an hour with you and develops a plan for further diagnostic work-up using special laboratory and in-house testing. The plan starts with the basics, and goes from there to many useful tests to gather more information about you related to:

Care Plan

Dr. Kovalcik will outline patient instructions at each visit, with recommendations for diet, nutritional supplements, special testing, and detoxification plans, depending upon patient needs. It takes time to start making changes and see improvement. At first, while the information is being gathered, Dr. Kovalcik may need to see you more often. Once a plan is in place, office visits may become less frequent.

The clinic takes a broad view of illness, and the goal is always to improve energy, function, a sense of well-being, while helping to bring harmony to the mind and body, and spirit.

we’re here to answer all your questions

  1. The patient is always responsible for all and any charges for services, testing, treatment, or office calls, and expected to pay at the time services are rendered.
  2. The Downing Clinic needs 48 business hours’ notice of any service or appointment  cancellation. 
  3. We have a no SCENTS policy when entering our facilities to protect our clients from allergens.
  4.  New patients must make an appointment with Dr. Laura so she can access if you need to be seen by Ann for Electrodermal Screening (EDS), or IV Therapy.
  5.  Appointments’ can be made for Acupuncture or Ion Foot Bath at any time.

Yes, Just call 248-625-6677 and make an telephone appointment. You will be assigned a time that Dr. Laura will call you. Please know that she can run a little behind depending on the patient she is caring for in front of your appointment but will call.

No, The Downing Clinic does not participate in any health insurance plans including Medicare/Medicaid. Office fees cannot be turned into Medicare/Medicaid for later reimbursement. Submitting your bill for reimbursement to any other insurance you may have is your responsibility.

Yes, Dr. Laura can prescribe your approved medicines through your pharmacy or a compound pharmacy. You can get your professional level supplements at the office.

No, You must call the front desk customer care assistances to book or cancel your appointment. 248-625-6677

Our patients are Happy & Healthy

“Dr. Laura and Anne are amazing! My husband had been ill and getting worse, on day 18, we had a phone consult with Dr. Laura, she spent 30 minutes with us! Made great recommendations, ordered what he needed and we saw his health start gaining ground. These 2 medical warriors= THE BEST”

MaryAnn Nutt

“Dr Laura is the BEST! She uses critical thinking to help patients get well, while suggesting/prescribing a plan to support the God-given natural ability of the human body to heal itself, instead of being a typical drone doctor who is dictated by insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies who only treat symptoms. As for the jab and masks, I'm thankful that she is smart enough to know that masks do nothing to prevent viruses and actually can have the opposite effect, and that the Covid "shot" is dangerous to a person's future health.”

Amy Rechsteiner

“Great doctor that takes her time to hear your unique situation. She is a doctor but uses a more natural approach to help you. I am sure some people can’t understand that there are more ways to prevent/treat diseases than with drugs and she will give you all of your options. She didn’t push me one way or another but gave me my options for multiple types of treatments and ultimately, it’s my decision.”

Jessica Carter