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The Downing Clinic

Since 1991, The Downing Clinic has been dedicated to using natural therapies whenever possible, while recognizing the importance of integrative medicine.

Laura Kovalcik, D.O. FACOI is a board-certified internist and owner of The Downing Clinic.

Nedra Downing, D.O., clinic founder, is a physician, pharmacist, and nutritionist who retired in May 2006.

We invite you to look at our website and learn more about how we can partner with you for your healthcare … naturally.

Natural Therapies Services

The Downing Clinic does not participate in any health insurance plans including Medicare/Medicaid. Office fees cannot be turned into Medicare/Medicaid for later reimbursement. All charges for services, testing, treatment, or office calls are expected to be paid at the time service is rendered. You do have the option to personally submit your bill to your insurance for reimbursement. We appreciate your understanding, The Downing Clinic


How it all Started

A mother’s legacy for two local physicians. Nedra Downing, DO, a well-known Clarkston-area physician, who will retired and her daughter, Laura Kovalcik, DO, who will continue running the practice.

This mother-daughter story is unique. Dr.
Downing and her two daughters are all physicians
and all graduated from MSU’s College
of Osteopathic Medicine, which was a
first for this college. One daughter, Margaret
Tirkes, DO is a Board-Certified Radiologist
in Dallas, and Laura Kovalcik, DO is a
Board-Certified Internist. A highlight of Dr.
Downing’s life was seeing both her daughters
graduate from her Alma Mater.